That's My Bank


The advertising slogan "That's My Bank" was used in all advertising during the period between 1959 and the early 1980's.

It was the most widely recognized and easily recalled advertising message used by any financial institution during this period.

Where did it come from? Who was it's creator?

Following the merger with Industrial National Bank, the Marketing Department (it was then called Public Relations) was headed by Vern Johnson. Advertising was under the direction of Maurice Tehan. The bank used W. B. Doner for advertising it products. In concert with Mr. Tehan the new theme "That's My Bank" was introduced. Mr. Tehan always claimed credit for the theme, and insisted that it was his creation, not that of W. B. Doner. The bank subsequently changed advertising agencies, using J. Walter Thompson, but the theme remained a mainstay of our advertising campaigns.

It became so popular that it remained our slogan for nearly 20 years. In advertising awareness/recall studies "That's My Bank" was always recognized and associated with Manufacturers Bank to the exclusion of all other banks.. No other bank's theme ever reached the level of recall of "That's My Bank".

Why was it abandoned?

In the late 1970's the bank again changed its advertising agency. The new agency, Young & Rubicam, anxious to create a new and different image for the bank in the eyes of the public, suggested several new themes. After many meetings, much discussion, and with great reluctance "That's My Bank" was retired. Over the ensuing years the advertising slogan was changed frequently, and over time "That's My Bank" became only a memory to those who worked for the bank prior to 1980.

What a pity.