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Name | Department | Employment Date


Mike Adam Metro Loans May 1979

Audrey Adams Pierce  Personnel December 1978

Don Alessi Purchasing  April 1973

William Alexander  Mortgage December 1964

Sonia Alitawi  Personnel

Adrian Allen Stock & Records March 1970

Arthur Allen Operations August 1987

Mark Allen Branches January 1976

Mike Alleman Information Systems 1972

Keith M. Altenburg Legal Department July 1975

Tony Amadori Branches September 1964

Debbie Ammer Commercial Lending

Mary Jo Anderle-Moro (Novak) Wholesale Banking January 1984

Trudi Anderson Branches

Jim Anderson Branches August 1963

Marci Anderson Money Desk September 1979

Nancy Anderson Marketing

Sue Andrews Systems 1983

Carol (Schatz) Antczak Northwest Proof June 1986

Paul Aramian Branches April 1955

Mary Lynn Arbanas Manufacturers Bank of Coopersville May 1976

Terry Falconetti-Arkelian International September 1983

Mary Lou Arnoldy Branches May 1962

Helen Arsenault Commercial Lending Sept 1980

Dale Artress

Jeanne Ashcraft Branches August 1971

Eileen Ashley Controllers May 1978

Tim Ashley Middle Market

Cindy Atkins

Patricia Ayland Mortgage April 1973


Sara Bachelder

Dick Bachman Branches April 1962

Nancy Baginski CFS-North Lending September 1977

Martin Bahr

Ken Baker Branches 1984

Todd Banes Controllers 1988

Susan Baptie Ervasti Human Resources July 1966

Gary Barello Credit Policy  1969

Dorothy Barnes Branches August 1966

Leonard Barr II Trust

John Bascom Credit Department August 1965

Norma Batson Consumer Loans 1966

Stan Baxter Branches August 1956

Mary Beth Bazner Branches July 1982

Anna Beck  Data Processing  May 1974

Joe Beck Institutional Trust February 1956

Jeannette Behnke

Janice Belanger  OIP August 1970

Phil Bell  Community Banking May 1978

Lou Belli Branches 1974

George Bellinger Branches June 1968

Ken Bennane Branches March 1966

Michele Benson Branches 1990

John Berendt Systems September 1977

Gerald T. Berry Branches March 1969

Sandra Biddle (Scott)  Trust June 1989

Barbara Bierbusse Private Banking October 1984

Jim Birney Fairlane Division March 1962

Don Black Trust September 1964

Susan (Baca)Blanchette Trust July 1977

Bill Blomme International-Ltr of Credit October 1952

Maria V. Boduch

Greg Boltman Systems July 1974

Ginnie Bondy Human Resources 1968

Kimberly Boore-Saenz  Wire Transfer 1969

Darin Borchers Branches

Vance Borngesser Legal April 1965

Frank Borovsky

John Boruta Information Systems May 1984

Bob Bourbonnais Branches June 1959

Gordon Bourdic  Branches June 1988

Mike Boutell Legal February 1972

Kay Bovee

Susan (Castro) Boyd Credit September 1977

Brenda Bozeman Martin  Personnel May 1979

Laura Branchick

Helen Braun  Human Resources

Jan Brazas Branches June 1978

Mary Ann Brazas Emrick Branches July 1973

Bob Brewer  Personnel January 1989

Peggy Brewer Personnel 1978

Yvonne Carter Bridges Metro C 1988

Roger Brien Deposit Accounting October 1964

Mark Broughton

Charlie Brown Trust July 1970

Mary Clare Brown January 1974

Olive Bryce Branches

Bill Brydges Information Systems October 1966

Linda Brydges Stock Transfer 1967

Bob Buchanan Branches January 1971

George Buono Operation Administration June 1953

Julie Burke Smith Commercial Loan - National Division 1985

Beverly Burger Installment Loans June 1967

Don Burns Data Processing

Pete Bushbaker Data Processing February 1964

Joe Butera Systems

Ron Buyck Systems January 1978

Mike Byl Branches December 1985

Daniel Bzura


Robert Cadotte Corporate Secretary September 1947

Keith Calcagno

Jerry Calvert Michigan Banking

Bruce Campbell

Sandra Kirtley Campbell Private Banking/Trust November 1987

John Cannis

Mike Caponi Branches

Val Capper Branches

Len Carleton

Bruce Carleton

Penny Carleton Credit September 1957

Kurt Carlson Legal 1991

Terry Carlson Branches

Kathy Carnacchi Marketing

John Castellanos Branches

Bob Cawley  Branches February 1986

Bernadine Cenowa Installment Loans August 1967

Peggy Chamberlain Trust May 1963

Shirley Chenier Mortgage June 1973; Wire Transfer June 1981

Gerri Chevalier November 1959

Tom Chirgwin Branches January 1977

Al Chobot Commercial Loan 1984

Barb Cholewa  Systems November 1981

John Christopher Branches

Thomas Chubb Bank Properties July 1981

Ed Churray Systems September 1968

Susan Snyder Citraro Branches September 1986

Debra Clark National Corporate July 1989

Lois Clark Administration

Dan Clarke Bank Investments January 1978

Tom Cobb

Dennis Cochill U.S. Banking June 1968

Silvana Cochill Branches September 1965

Shari Cohen Marketing August 1978

Mary Cole (Sawyer)  Branches 1969

Nancy Cole (Ruhmann) Municipal Bonds July 1977

Pansy J. Coleman Proof Department January 1971

Tom Collins Branches December 1964

Gordon Collins Operations September 1963

Lucy Colman

Don Colwell Mortgage Department August 1960

Paul Commisong International Banking

Laura Compton Trust May 1977

Doug Conger Operation 1968

David Cooke  Trust

Susan Spudowski Corbin Accounts Recievable June 1968

Gary Cortner Branches April 1970

Don Cosner  Trust Operations March 1962

Darlene Coury  Credit May 1982

Tom Craigie Treasury Management 1961

Bonnie Crawford

Paul W. Creasy

Lillian Crescentini Pomponio Branches September 1977

Marilyn Creson

John M. Crowley Private Banking May 1983

Ann Croy  Trust Department 1963

Howard Crumit Trust Department


Pete Daniels Branches

Pat Darden Branches

Nancy Gerhardt Davies  Human Resources

Paul Davies Branches October 1969

David Day Commerial Loans April 1970

Don Dean

Ann Deering

Sue DeLage Controllers 1966

Lise M Delonis Branches July 1988

Greg Demanski Bank Properties

Debbie Dembeck Peterson Branches

Louise Radlow Demrich

Shelly Denman Branches August 1990

Don DeSerrano Branches

Candy DeWit International Banking1967

Jim DeWitte CRP October 1966

MaryAnn Jordan DeWitte Phone Board 1963

Pat Diaz  Branches 1968

Ron DiCicco Branches May 1972

Al Diebel

Alice Diebel

Patty Digon International Banking September 1970

Mary Dillenbeck-Bondie (Rutkowski) Branches June 1970

Dick Dilloway  Branches August 1961

Frank DiPonio Central Cash September 1977

Ken DiPonio Systems October 1968

Jerry Ditri Systems

Marge Baca Djokich Personnel

Dane Dixon Branches October 1964

Bob Doetsch  Personnel February 1991

Dolores Dolecki Trust Operations March 1968

Grace Dolecki

Mike Dominick Branches April 1988

Carole Dominick Treasury Department

John Donnelly National Division September 1979

Jim Donohue Branches January 1979

Maureen P. Doyle Trust October 1984

Dennis Drabant  Audit

Tim Driggs Branches October1975

Diane Dudek July 1971

Paul Dugan Private Banking January1987

Craig Dukes  Branches

Terri Dunne  Systems


Tom Early Legal March 1990

Shirley Edwards 1987

Marge Egan Branches November 1964

Greg Ellis Information Systems July 1967

Paul Ellis Branches November 1963

Tom Ellis Messenger December 1976

Sharon Emery Branches January 1971

Bill Erickson Branches April 1966

Bill Ervasti Human Resources June 1973


Jack Farrow Branches March 1972

Rod Faulk Branch Automation 1988

Evelyn Fenner Bookkeeping

Bill Ferguson Branches November 1957

Tina Ferguson Mortgage Warehousing November 1979

Bob Field Mortgage June 1958

Liz Filipp Branches March 1972

Jack Finkelmann Controllers

Margaret LeVeque Fischer Wire Transfer 1974

Sharon Fisher Manufacturers Bank of the Shores 1981

Tom Fisher Branches September 1970

Patrick Flynn

Ken Folding  Bank Properties

Ted Foltz

Steve Fopma Bank Security 1979

Bob Foster Private Banking June 1977

Tom Foster Information Center September 1985

Don Fowler Barnches  Juanuary 1986

Anne Francoeur-Moceri Consumer Loans February 1969

Marie Franks

Dottie Fritz  Branches 1978

Jo Anne Froelich  Human Resources 1982

Mary Frosinos  Deposit Accounting 1973

Karen Fry  Systems


Bob Gabel  Branches 1970

Jerry Gabriel Controllers April 1972

Bill Gallaway Systems December 1984

Judy Garver

Chuck Gauer  U.S. Banking February 1970

John Gazette Branches December 1958

Carol Genevich Deposit Accounting July 1971

Gary Georgine Bank Properties/Mortgage June 1966

Christos Georvassilis

George Gesund Branches June 1961

Chris Giancarlo Personnel November 1984

Dick Gibson Branches 1965

David V. Giles Marketing 1987

Cheryl Gilliland  Branches August 1979

Mark Gilme International 1981

Ken Gilson Trust Dept February 1969

Karen O. Gladney December 1978

Dawn Cowart Glitz Personnel 1975

Grant Glitz January 1979 Mail Room

Rod Glitz Data Processing 1976

Maureen Goodin Personnel 1981

Doug Gordon Auditing

Carol Gordos Commercial Loans May 1990

Diane Gosselin Fairlane Division September 1967

Barry Gourley Commercial Lending November 1975

Dan Grady Branches

George Grafe Branches

Libby Graham Walker Human Resources May 1983

Carol K. Grenke (DiPonio)  Central Files September 1973

Barbara Gronas (McGoughlin) Data Processing July 1969

Lori Gross (Hiltz)  Information Systems 1980

Kathy Grzesik

Shirley Guinn Administration October 1967

Renee Gulliver  Bank of Lansing

Ed Gwilt  Branches


John Hague May 1982

Shirley M. (Lepler) Halas Legal January 1987

Judy Hamood  Consumer Loans June 1978

Susan Hannah Revolving Credit September 1986

Tim Hansen Mail/Messenger 1987

Donna Hardy

B. J. Hare, Jr. Marketing

Wanda Harper 1977 Trust

Jackie Hartline Branches July 1982

Mary Hartwig  Branches January 1975

Geri Harubin Distribution Dept.,January 1967

Mark Havens Controllers November 1979

Denise (Mexico) Haynes International October 1989

Lynn Henry  Data Processing February 1963

Bill Henson Consumer Loans March 1982

Bob Herdoiza International Banking May 1963

Renee Hickman Newland Deposit Accounting January 1968

Bardette Hicks May 1977

Toni Hicks-Lett  Personnel June 1976

Tom Higginbottom Metro Loans February 1970

Mike Hill Trust Investments February 1978

Joe Hiltz Distribution June 1973

Ray Hiltz  Mail/Messenger 1979

Rusty Hines Branches May 1979

Betty Holmes

Jeff Hopkins

Robert Horne Operations November 1968

Bill Horner Commercial Loan June 1969

Louis Howarah  Operations Planning October 1978

George Hubbard Branches November 1979

Susan Philip Hubbard Consumer Lending June 1980

Doug Hubbard Private Banking May 1974

Joel Hughes Operations February 1966

Steve Hugley Systems 1968

Lori (Magnum) Hulvey  June 1981

Cheryl Hunt Central Cash August 1986



Jean Ireland International Banking

John Irwin National Division July 1978

Santo Iannucci Auditing  April 1989

John Isaacson Operations Planning June 1970

Cathy Jackson Bay City May 1977

Darnell Jackson  Branches 1978

Jim Jackson Michigan Division June 1969

Rick Jacobs Information Systems December 1985

Judy Morgan Jacobsen

Judi LaRose Jandura International Banking June 1982

Ray Janisse June 1971

Geri Jasinski Proof 1971

Grace Jensen  Branches July 1973

Connie Oster Jernigan Personnel September 1987

Helen Jeter

Carl Jiovani  1984

Angie Jodway-Helt Trust Department

Ken Johnson 1973 Branches

Beverly Jones Personnel 1980

Howard Jones Bank Properties

John Jordan Branches 1979

Floyd Joyner, Jr.  Central Cash July 1974

Leo Kalota Branches

Cynthia Schulte Kaluzny Branches December 1975

Sharon Kaluzny  International Banking September 1973

Barbara Kammerer International Banking  July 1964

Phil Kapanowski

Dave Kapelanski Systems August 1978

Al Kato

Cheryl Kearney Operations May 1974

Larry Kearney Credit June 1979

Karen K. Keller Corporate Services June 1980

Kelly Keller Marketing April 1984

Joyce Kelley Branches

Donna Kellstrom Marketing 1983

Laura Buford Kemp Computer Services November 1969

Peggy Kempton Credit October 1977

Kimberly Kersten

Keith Keveney Branches 1981

Elaine Koelzer Frydrych

Michael Kiernan  Trust Investments April 1969

Henry Kies December 1977

Douglas M. Kilbourne Corporate Services

Glen King Data Processing 1962

Julie King  Branches October 1980

Jerry Klaft International Banking February 1970

Bob Klann Corporate Services May 1976

Elaine Klann Branches May 1968

Chris Knight

Ann Knight

Mel Koch

Bob Koch

John Kolasa Systems November 1966

Nan Kolasa Branches September 1973

Bill Korte Trust July 1972

Mary J. Kosinski Systems May 1982

Lucy M. Kovacevich U.S. Banking September 1963

Jean Kozlowski Trust February 1979

Tony Krause Data Processing June 1965

Linda Kraynek  Branches January 1978

Mitch Kreda Cash Vault October 1965

Doris Kreger

Larry Kreul Discount Brokerage March 1983

Gene Kruze Systems April 1974

George Kubicki Branches

Stan Kucemba International July 1959

Dorothy Kuranty Marketing February 1960

Karen Kurzhals (Endlein) Branches June 1966

Larry Kwiatkowski Cash Vault 1968


Montie Labadie

Garner LaForce Branches

Linda Lakin  ARP November 1976

John Landefeld

John Landis Private Banking 1971

Valerie Lapinski Systems 1982

Jerry LaPorte Data Processing February 1968

John Larson Credit Dept. Commercial Lending 1977

Susan M LaRush Metropolitan Banking April 1986

Mike LaSovage Trust 1965

Cheryl Lawrence Trust June 1986

Mike Lawson

Jim Leach Data Processing December 1960

Jim LeBlanc May 1963

Aubrey Lee, Jr  Branches July 1980

Don Lesniowski  Auditing February 1968

Margaret LeVeque International

Cathy Lewis Personnel July 1977

Brian Lietz Branches May 1980

Filomena Lindros Branches 1968

Robert Lindstrom Private Banking November 1970

Gabriel Locher International

Bob Lockwood

Joyce Logue

Ed Longville

Lynn Loranger Deposit Accounting

Mike Love  March 1986

Steve Luedecker Commercial Lending June 1973

Karen Luehrs

Len Lukowski Instalment Loans September 1957

Gary Luxon International Banking

Bruce Lyons Branches  February 1957


Kim Maclin Wealth & Institutional Managment June 1988

Michael J. MacMichael Credit March 1989

David Maksymetz Trust Department

Judith Malofey  Check Processing 1962

Pat Mann  Branches October 1955

Carol Marola  Trust Operations 1968

Robert Marquardt

Pam Martin Branches/Data Processing August 1968

Paul Martzowka Administration

Flo Marzette Branches February 1965

Jackie Matties Electronic Services August 1978

Earlene Mays Credit Administration June 1973

Dan McCarty Credit June 1979

Lori McCarthy Branches March 1985

Debra McCloskey  Private Banking July 1988

Al McCoul Data Processing October 1964

Michael McCoy Branches January 1975

Jim McCray Security October 1974

Walter McCrea Branches August 1960

Beth McCrohan Information Systems February 1985

James McDonald Branches

Paul McDonald

Tom McGann Trust

Beth McGarrity-Cooper Branches June 1987

Jill Stevens McGeoch Systems

Barbara McGoughlin (Gronas) Data Processing July 1969

Cathy McHarg Branches 1979

Sandy McIntire Trust July 1988

John Ross McKinnon Systems

Mary Montezinos McKinnon  Marketing 1979

Michael McLauchlin Government Relations

Sharon R. McMurray-Wurtz

Bob McPhail Branches June 1964

Sara McPhail Branches July 1968

Pat McQueen Consumer Loan 1970

Judy Kraseman Meade Personnel

Cheryl Meerschaert Personnel April 1970

Carrie Meier Cortner Branches July 1984

Greg Merritt Branches January 1970

Marty Metzker Bank Operations January 1978

Michelle Vanden Brook Michelsen Savings Bonds 1977

Gary Mielock

Beth Mier Legal Department 1989

Lynn Migut Branches

Steve Milbeck Trust Department 1985

Ken Milczynski Systems September 1970

Chip Miller Trust Department June 1970

Dawn Miller Fulton June 1983

Eleanor Y Miller Branches 1969

John Miller Mortgage July 1963

Norman Miller Trust Department February 1970

Wynn Miller Audit November 1973

Marlene Milligan

Sandy Misiak Branches

Dyanne (Krantz) Mitchell Branches August 1987

Jim Moceri Consumer Loans January 1967

Michael Monahan Administration June 1960

Judy Montagne Zedan Controllers June 1975

Linda Monteith June 1986

Cindy Moody-Murphy Branches September 1977

Sharon (Sherry) Moore Branch Administration 1961

Kelley Moore-Granger Institutional Trust May 1986

Donna Morawiec Student Loans September 1965

Doug Morris Bank Properities September 1962

Catherine Middendorf Morrow Mortgage July 1977

John Morrow Operations November 1977

Venus Moses Credit March 1985

Rita Mosley Kruze Systems December 1983

Darcie Moss Commercial Loans June 1984

Gloria Mrozek

Glenn Murawski November 1989

Jim Muir Systems March 1972

Marjorie Muller  Controllers 1986

Anne Murphy Commercial Loan Accounting November 1978

Jerry Murphy  Legal 1981

Shawn T. Murphy July 1980

Mike Murray Personnel March 1979

Shirley Muse-Bosze Accounting May 1969

Ayman Mustafa Mail/Messenger 1985

Mike Mykeloff  May 1986



Jan Nadratowski Marketing July 1973

Ed Nagorski Operations January 1970

Sue Nagy October 1962

Kevin Nash Consumer Loans

Sharon Niemi

Donna Neirinck Branches September1963

Dan Neumeyer  Metro Loans January 1983

Anne Nichols

Christian Nilson Legal Department 1978

Denis Nissle Branches January 1958

Sharon Nolan October 1977

Jennifer Clarke Norris Check Processing July 1988

Thomas A. Norum

Mary Jo Novak (Anderle-Moro) Wholesale Banking Jnauary 1984

Ron Nowak Commercial Loans July 1955

Connie Nowicki Commercial Loan Accounting April 1977

George Oakley Branches

Jay Oberg Controllers June 1991

Mike Obloy Trust Department October 1977

Jerry Oldford Data Processing 1989

Geraldine Russian O'Leary Branches 1963

Don Olszewski Operations June 1976

Barb Otto Manufacturers Bank of Livonia November 1979

Chris Otto Toski Branches July 1978

Joe Ouellette Branches March 1965


Paul Palka

Jennifer Palmer Hoernschemeyer Branches 1967

Craig Pandoff Bank Security February 1987

Bernie Parker Branches

Constance Parks Systems January 1971

Mary Ann Parrent Private Banking August 1963

Dan Pearce

Janet Ellison Pearce Credit 1969

Doug Pearse Trust Accounting

Sandy Pearse Trust June 1972

Bob Pechur Branches January 1970

Lorene Penermon Deposit Accounting May 1961

Dan Pehrson

Steve Pente Branches May 1988

Mark Peterson International 1979

Donna Petry  Systems July 1988

Martha Philippart Swek Branches 1986

Don Phillippi

Vito Pianello  Consumer Loans 1986

Herb Pichler Municipal Bonds October 1967

Patrick Piechowski  Bank of Lansing 1978

Jackie Pino

Candy Pisz Branches January 1966

Kathy Pitton

Raymond Plowden Brances and Corporate Trust 1973

Tony Polisano Wire Transfer May 1963

Lynda Poole Branches Feburary 1980

Phil Porretta Branches June 1979

Hugh Porter Commercial Lending June 1979

Carole Poulin  Branches

John H. Powell Branches August 1970

Paul Praedel  Bank Security December 1984

Dennis Prestel Consumer Loan

Jim Preston

Lisa A (Kowalski) Prewitt Branches August 1974

Merris Proctor

Dolores Progaccini, Branches August 1972

David Provost Private Banking May 1976


Jeannette Quackenbush Branches December 1990

John Quackenbush February 1974

Elaine Quick Deposit Accounting August 1965

Cindi Quigley Livonia Operations February 1991

Linda Rains August 1975

Joyce Rapelje Business Bank Admin July 1972

Dean Raupp

Dave Rayford Systems

Robbie Ream 1977

Mark Redwine

Barbara Rehahn Human Resources January 1967

Joe Reimann Systems October 1971

Bill Reynolds Systems

Patricia Richey Corporate Secretary 1957

Ronald Riggan Metro Loans January 1979

Michelle Riopelle, Systems, 1983

Amber Roberson August 1976

Greg Roberts

Mary Robertson Private Banking May 1984

Linda Robinette Branches July 1979

Todd Robinson  Wholesale Lockbox 1990

Gary Roby Personnel

Dave Roden International Banking

Glenn Rojo May 1981

Dave Romanski Operations June 1963

Janet (Van Wynsberg) Romanski Trust Operations October 1973

Joyce Romatz Data Processing June 1967

Mike Ross Branches

Dan Ruese Branches June 1968

Chuck Ruifrok Private Banking December 1979

Patricia Russo Branches April 1973

Paul Sage Branches December 1966

Ann Day-Salo

Gary L. Sanders

Jeff Sanders Branches August 1973

Terrie Santamaria Personnel September 1979

Phil Sarkissian Branches May 1979

Lisa Sasaki  Branches May 1987

Jon Sasinowski Credit January 1983

Linda Sass-Kasperski  Legal November 1971

Jay Satoh Data Processing  June 1973

Diane Sawyer Jara Systems February 1983

Karen Osborne-Schaeffler January 1968

Jan Schatz  International Finance  October 1977

Jane Scheuer Personnel

Beth Schneider Trust Operations September 1980

Denise Schoeneich Auditing July 1978

Richard Schohl

Ed Schultz Consumer Loans February 1953

Neill Schultheiss Data Processing

Fred Scott  Consumer Loans 1964

Charles Scribner June 1972

Wendy Scrimger Mortgage November 1977

Elaine Seay

Roger Secrest Trust Department

Veronica Selby-Mykols Branches October 1977

Bob Sellen Branches February 1956

Mike Serra

Steve Seymour Trust Investments May 1979

John Shaffer Michigan Division December 1965

Ilene Schaller (Grant)  Branches  February 1963

Monica Green (Isiminger)  Branches May 1987

Donovan Shand Marketing November 1988

Gloria Shannon

Cecilia Sharp Marketing June 1972

Pam Sharp International Banking August 1973

Georgette Sheehan

Mike Sheehan Credit October 1984

Barry Sherman Mail/Messenger 1986

Risa Sherman Check Processing September 1978

Cheryl Sickon Commercial Loans January 1990

Steve Slade Credit Card May 1973

Mark Smet Systems May 1982

Brenda Smith Security August 1977

Dick Smith Branches February 1974

Mary Smith Branches

Sally Smith International

Sandy Smith

Debra Smitt

Susan Smolenski-Tayler

Sharon Snodgrass Private Banking 1987

Andy Solak Branches

Lawrence Sommers Legal March 1986

Richard Sonck

David Sowerby Economics

Kathy Spencer Operations June 1970

Susan Spudowski Corbin Accounts Receivable June 1968

Charlie Staggs Operations August 1982

Rick Stafford

Lisa Stafford Branches June 1985

Dave Stam Auditing

Chuck Stechow Operations August 1948

Jack Steinmetz Branches June 1966

Mary Steinmetz Barber Mortgage September 1972

Rick Stevens Systems Support October 1969

Suzanne Stichler Private Banking 1986

Marge Stiles Administration June 1967

Carol Stofer Mortgage June 1966

Dwight Stokes Branches June1965

Paul Stoll Trust October 1981

Chrysia Carson Stoneback Branches May 1986

Greg Stoneback Branches October 1989

Frank Strahl Mortgage October 1959

Larry Strahm Manubank Leasing 1985

Don Straw Commercial Bookkeeping September 1959

Jerry Strong Maintenance 1975

Chris Struwe Branches November 1968

Glen Struthers International 1964

James Sullivan Trust

Wendy Superfisky

Rosalind Suwinski International August 1968

Tom Sweeney Branches

Yvonne Sweet (Michael)  Branches July 1973

John Swek Branches December 1973

Gina (Smith) Swiercz Human Resources September 1985

Janet Swoboda Pasco July 1983

Vince Szymborski Branches January 1982



Margie Tabb Distribution/Proof January 1984

LisaMarie (Gauci) Takacs Credit July1988

Tim Talbert Commercial Lending June 1970

Toni Tarczy  Branches May 1967

Steve Tarczy  Branches March 1973

Mike Taschner Public Affairs May 1959

Chuck Tashjian Branches November 1974

Debra Taueg Branches

Al Taylor Community Banking July 1987

Mary A Taylor Legal October 1979

Yvonne Taylor Trust

Brad Terryn U. S. Banking November 1981

Jack Thistlethwaite Cashiers Department June 1958

Derrick Thompson

John K. Thompson Operations November 1972

Shirley Thompson Bookkeeping 1942

Melodie Tobias Marketing January 1970

Beth Tomaszewski

Mark Tootalian Branches 1960

Richard Tope Systems March 1976

Chris Otto Toski Branches July 1978

Diane Townley  Information Systems August 1965

Rudy Tress Bank Properties 1973

Mary Anne Truesdell Branches May 1984

Barbara Tucker  Deposit Accounting March 1967

Beth Turner Information Services 1989



Chuck Uluhogian

Norm Urban Data Processing

Sharon Urbin Personnel

Aurel Ursa Branches

Gail Valchine Branches September 1974

Bruce Valentine International Banking September 1969

Mary Valevich  Bank of Lansing Bookkeeping February 1979

Don Vaughn Systems September 1964

Donna Vanderberg Metro Loan, 1992

Dicki Lee Vanderwalker  Instalment Loans June 1966

Joe Vargo Data Processing September 1971

Paul Vettraino Bank Security November 1979

Susan Vettraino Loss Prevention April 1973

Natalie Vidusic Czubaj Branches February 1990

Ed Vogel  Branches 1972

Stephanie Waggoner

Bob Wahr Branches June 1982

Judy Walker Credit 1970

Libby Graham Walker Human Resources May 1983

Peggy Walker Marketing

Lou Wall  Discount Dept  June 1962

Bryan Wallace

Marie Walsh

Maury Walsh Bank Operations

Marcy Watters Branches April 1965

Charles Weddell National Banking - Region A March 1987

Steve Weiss Systems April 1991

Ruth Werderitch

Walter Wegmueller International December 1977

Suzanne Widak Loss Prevention December 1980

Jack Wiggins Branches

Joan Wiggins Deposit Accounting March 1969

Bill Willard Private Banking January 1963

Janet Williams Human Resources July 1984

Ken Williams Human Resources July 1975

Wendy Williams  Credit Administration July 1978

David Wills Branches June 1971

Linda Diehl Wilson Trust Department June 1969

Bob Wirsing Auditing November 1963

Bill Wirsing

Marlene Wojtowicz Branches July 1965

Jim Wood Deposit Accounting

Sheree Woods Personnel

Stan Wright Operations May 1978

Cheryl Yarbrough Branches December 1979

Cindy York - Allison

Bill Young Network Control 1971

Cynthia York Trust Operations July 1973

Grace Young Branches November 1963

Paul Youngblood

Kathy Zerafa

Pat Zikakis  Personnel June 1984

Nancy Zimmerman Branches September 1979

Nada Zivanovich Branches August 1965