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September 10, 2019

In Memory of John Porter
Friend and Co-worker
Greg, Howard, Rudy, and Tom

In Memory of John Ryan
Friend and Mentor
He will be missed by his Manufacturers Bank

Mike and Jim



Jack Steinmetz
Best Regards To All My Blue Friends

Stan Wright
In memory of Operations Personnel who are no longer with us

In Memory of All Our Bank Properties Friends

Bob Cadotte
In Memory of Mike Main

The Best Dressed Team
In Memory of Don Hooper and his brothers, Ron and Ken Hooper

Liberty Capital Management
In Memory of Clint Schloop

Jim LeBlanc
In Memory of Ron Daum
Good Friend to many of us

The Renegades
"Workin' on Mysteries Without Any Clues Since 1983"

Barb Rehahn
In Memory of Dean Richardson

Greg Merritt

In memory of Hank Ciske

Pam Martin
In Memory of Ron Martin, Jr.

Bob Cadotte
In Memory of Ralph H. Cann, Jr.

Chip Miller
In memory of Jerry MacDonald



Greg Merritt
In Memory of John Kennedy and Bob Luckow

Mike Taschner
In Memory of Paul Hussey
A Great Boss and a Great Friend



We are all blessed with true blue friendships,
with us today in body or in spirit.

Kurt Carlson (Legal)





Nan Kolasa
In memory of Joan Marshall and Janet Marquardt





Rambo, Lambo, Bruce, Daum, Embree, Chard
The Best




Pat McQueen
In Memory of Paul Hussey

Hit Them Straight!
Paul Davies, Jack Farrow, Rusty Hines, John Isaacson

Bill and Shirley Thompson
“Have a Great Day!"

Thanks to all of the volunteers
for putting on a
wonderful event!




Updated 8/15/2019