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* How do I  become a member or update my info…?

* Where can I find other members…?

* Does the Association have dues …?

* Who are the officers …?

* What is the deadline for registration and payment…?

* When is the event scheduled …?


How do I become a member of the MNB Alumni Association?


Send your name, address, telephone number, month and year you started working for MNB, and the department you worked in to Robert Horne, email address or mail the information to Robert Horne, 4207 Hazel, Lincoln Park, MI 48146.


Only those who worked for MNB between August 10, 1933 and June 1992 are eligible for membership in the MNB Alumni Association.


You may update your information by emailing or writing to Robert Horne at or Robert Horne, 4207 Hazel, Lincoln Park, MI 48146.

If you are a member, and know of someone who qualifies and does not belong to the MNB Alumni Association, please let him or her know about our group.  The home page contains a “Refer A Friend” button to tell others about the website.


At present our oldest alumnus (Shirley Thompson) started working for MNB in 1942.


Information provided to the Association is held in strict confidence, and is not shared with anyone outside the membership.

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Where can I find other members?


The MNB Alumni website can be found at


On the website is a listing of all our members, and a listing of Email addresses for those who have provided an Email address.  In addition there is information on the golf event, member information, and information of historical interest about Manufacturers Bank.  The website is maintained for the use and enjoyment of our members.

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 Does the association have dues…?


We don’t charge our members annual dues.  Our one and only activity, which covers the cost of the day to day operations of the association, is the annual MNB Alumni Golf Outing.  There are no attendance or participation requirements.  We encourage our members to attend the annual golf outing where old friendships are renewed, and good times remembered.  Members who don't golf may join the group for dinner which is generally served about 5:00 PM on the day of the outing.


All you need is a little bit of “blue” in your heart to remain a member.

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Who are the officers …?


There are no officers – the MNB Alumni golf committee – currently consisting of Mike Taschner, Jim LeBlanc, Barb Rehahn, Pam Martin, Jack Farrow, Paul Davies, Mike Boutell and Bob Horne - is responsible for keeping the association alive and well. They plan the golf outing, communicate with our members, and receive no compensation for their activities.  Barbara Rehahn administers the website and its contents.  The Secretary is reimbursed for all out of pocket expenses connected with the association events.  An annual newsletter is emailed and snail mailed to all members, and periodic updates are sent throughout the year to our alumnus on births, deaths, retirements, etc.

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What is the deadline for payment…?


We encourage our members to register and send in their payment for the annual golf outing by March 31st.  In this way we can determine how many will be attending, set up the foursomes, create foursomes for individual alumnus, and when required, establish a waiting list.  Sometimes we have more registrations than we can accommodate.  Early payment ensures that your group will not be placed on the waiting list.

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When is the annual event…?


The date is usually set for the week following Labor Day.  In this way we can secure the golf course for the entire day.  We usually try to set the day on Tuesday or Wednesday, but this is dependent upon the golf course schedule.

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Last revised: 11/12/2019