The Region Heads shown are Ted Winiarski, John Bascom, Jim Donnan, Bob Clark, Tom Conway and Steve Riga.


Ray is somewhere in the middle of the photo. To his left is Clare Patterson.


Mike is standing on the right side (as you view the photo).


The tall guy in the back row is Bill Novak. Trudy Anderson is standing next to Bill Novak.


Yes. Standing in the back row - to Bill Novak's left is Paul Ellis and in front of him is Tony.

Aurel Ursa managed an Branch Office before his retirement, and is standing on the left side of the group.

Dennis Cone managed the Greenfield-Eight Mile Office and is in the back of the group to Paul Ellis' right.

You will also find Norm Gawlik, Nancy Allevato, Paul Commissong, Carl Vermiglio, Faye Ridgeway,

Ken Reynolds, Larry Lozo, and many others whose names I have forgotten, but whose memory lives on.


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